Travel to Maldives will give you the chance to come face-to-face with some of the most incredible beaches in the world. The Maldives comprises hundreds of islands, each surrounded by perfect white sand, swaying palm trees and incredible turquoise blue sea.
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The Maldives is a very beautiful country with hundreds of islands. Very aptly described as “the sunny side of life”, Maldives is the “dream destination of all tourists”.

On arrival, the tourists will be attracted in multiples of thrilling events which await them. Diving, Surfing, Night Fishing, etc. are a few to mention. For the honeymooning couples, Maldives will be the most beautiful and romantic place.

Diving Maldives

The warm seas of Maldives have high visibility throughout the year, with water clear enough to see the passing fish as far as fifty metres away at times. Add to that the marvellous formation of over 3000 coral reefs and the free flowing tides of the monsoons. The result of these perfect conditions have created one of the world’s richest diving coral reef areas.

There are more than one thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures in the Maldivian waters.   The monsoon tides of the Indian Ocean result in collection of small marine creatures and microscopic plant cells in the waters of Maldives.   This in turn creates a hub for all types of under water species, attracted by the large quantities of food available. Tiny shrimps and groups of colourful swimmers could be seen in the Maldives seas.  Besides, magnificient mantas and sharks could also be seen there.  Watch them carefully, memories of such beautiful vision will be imprinted in your mindscape.

You need not be a professional diver to enjoy all these beauties of the Maldives.  All the resorts and safari boats are well equipped to give you basic to advanced training.  They will give you basic to advanced training, guided by experienced Dive Instructors.  You can also dive in a house reef for almost a similar experience. For this, all you have to do is just swim a few minutes from the shore.   Among the 26 atolls in the Maldives, there are countless reefs.  A travel of 15 to 60 minutes by boat every day to different dive spots will give you eventful memories.

For the diving sports, a faru (reef), a thila (a submerged aquarium like reef, on a channel where the atoll meets the ocean, or a wreck are preferred.  Night diving is especially beautiful.  During night diving – the macro dive – tiny, interesting and usually disregarded creatures could be seen very close.


In Maldives, 90 percent area is covered by water and only the remaining portion is the landed area.   This offers vast avenues for endless and fun things to the islanders and the tourists alike.  Swimming for recreation, water polo, surfing are all water sports of great interest to one and all.  No one can resist the call of the beautiful blue sea.  The visitor too is captivated instinctively to indulge in these water sports.


Every resort of the Maldives has a well developed sports centre that provides a range of water sports activities.

These sports centres are well equipped.  They can meet the varying requirements of the tourists – like  masks, snorkels and boards of varying sizes.  If any one wants to spend the day snorkeling and closely observing wide-eyed fish, or wish just to be out, feeling the wind in the hair on a windsurfer or catamaran, the Sports Centre is ready to provide the required assistance. Some centres also offer courses for beginners and advances windsurfers and sailors. You could also chose to parasail, kayak, kite-surf, water-ski, and jet-ski and carry with you the unique memories.

Maldives is called the mecca to surf-enthusiasts from all over the world, especially because  the southwest monsoon bringing with it massive swells, from June to September. The sizes range from 3 – 8 feet. There are several well-known surf breaks in North and South Male’ Atoll. Resorts near these breaks are perfect for surfing aficionados. You can get the full Maldivian experience while riding the waves to your hearts content. There are some surf breaks not very much known.   But there are some other amazing surf breaks away from Male.  These could be accessed by specialized surf cruises, known as surfaries.  These surf cruises are offered by cruise operators in the country.


Local islands

Wish to experience the life of an ordinary Maldivian? Then you must Visit an inhabited island to experience the life of an ordinary Maldivian.. Some of these islands are slightly more modern: with brightly painted house walls and harbour areas. There are also the quite fishing villages with lots of tree-shade, swings, and the traditional wooden holhuashi. A holhuashi is rather like an island-version of a gazebo, build with hollow wooden trunks tied together forming the large, bench-like seat, and often with a thatched roof. They are conveniently set up on beaches, often where the boats come in, and is a place where islanders wind off after a day’s work, exchanging news, telling stories, playing cards, and listening to local radio.

Fishing, agriculture, and fish related manufacturing is what most people in the islands do for work while some go away to find jobs in tourism and trading. Some islands are also good places to buy local handcrafts.

It is a typical island custom that everyone finish their work by late afternoon, take their daily showers or bath near their wells, dress the children in fresh clothes and go for a stroll in the island, visiting friends and relatives, delivering small bowls of fresh homemade curry, or taking some time to relax at the beachside, watching the late afternoon sun while the children play around at the beach.

Night fishing

Fishing is the traditional and joyful activity of the Maldivians, for food and money. It is so intertwined in their lives..  They celebrate when a good catch is caught.  They complain when fish is scarce at their dinner tables. Maldivian fishermen wake up early morning,to the dawn call of island roosters.  Hurriedly they collect bait in nearby reefs and start for a full day’s work at the deep blue seas.  They use the artful pole and line method of fishing.

While in Maldives, catching and cooking your own fish is a wonderful experience.  Experiencing this joy and happiness is not that difficult.  The resort where you stay will gladly provide you facilities for a night reef fishing trip.  The fishing trip is in a boat that leaves the shore before the sunset, to find a good spot near the reef.  The boat crew will teach you the essentials to use the lines, hooks and sinkers.  You will catch enough to fill the barbecue grill in less than an hour.   Now you can hurry back to the resort, cook n eat your fresh catches of fish.

Virgin islands

After a good catch it is time to head to a deserted island to eat and celebrate. With over 1,190 islands and only few hundred being utilised, it is easy to find an uninhabited island anywhere in the Maldives.

While the fish you caught gets grilled to perfection over red hot ambers, make sure you take time to enjoy the experience of being alive on this untouched part of nature; the softness of sand that has not seen a human foot print for a long, long time, and the undisturbed sounds made by nature. Without a single light on the ground, the stars above come alive in abundance, while tiny lights of phosphorescence get washed up by the beachside with the wave. For a moment, it is as though you are floating among the stars.

A day-time trip to a desert island is an experience of its own. The raw, unspoilt vegetation surrounded by blinding beaches and dazzling sunbeam-lined waters are like a phantasm; everything feels imagined, and you are the only person in this beautiful universe.

Spa and wellness

Just lying on a deserted beach of a Maldivian island, taking in nothing but the continuous rhythm of the waves, the sea salt in the air and feeling the soft white sand on your bare feet is enough to sooth your senses. Each island with its green vegetation and secluded setting is a natural spa in its own right, designed to soothe, caress, and heal.

Spas set in the Maldives, thus, are perfected as the ultimate getaway cocoons in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean. Traditional healing methods, that have been passed on for generations as family secrets by the hakeembe (healing experts), have been incorporated into special spa programs in the Maldivian islands.

The types of treatments vary with each spa but you can get almost any world-class treatment in a Maldivian spa. Every Maldivian resort has a spa; some of them nestled deep within thick vegetation, others sitting in solitude on a wooden jetty built on the lagoon, and some even built underwater.

Coconut Pam Trees are plenty in Maldives, adding to the natural beauty of the islands. Some of coconut growing in the beach lean over the waters, presenting a beautiful scenery.  As in Kerala, Maldivians also process virgin coconut oil age-old extraction techniques known only to them.  There are vital hydrating and healthful elements in their coconut oil.  Some of the Resort Spas are effectively using this coconut oil with a blend of the local favourite gandhakolhi leaf, to treat almost any minor ache.  To cure muscle and joint pains, the traditional Maldivian sand massage is used by the islanders.

Maldives Honeymoon

If a honeymoon is meant to be a celebration of love in an intimate, secluded, and most importantly, beautiful setting, then the Maldives is the world’s best backdrop for all these things. There are endless ways to let the magic of the islands dazzle you on your holiday as a couple. A dinner under the stars with the occasional flicker of candle light to bring you back into the real world, a daring getaway to a nearby uninhabited island all by yourselves for the whole day, or just lazing around in your private bungalow watching the endless turquoise waters while you are treated to an spa treatment in the room.

You could choose to get to know each other through a swim around a house reef with a mask and fin, or dive among the beautiful, vibrant reefs. It is an experience you will relive for days after you get back home. Indulge in some lighthearted competition on a night fishing trip by seeing who catches more. You will not forget the amazing boat trip you make at sunset before anchoring at a suitable fishing spot. It is as if nature plays with the colours of the setting sun just to ensure that you remember this day, this moment, and this love for the rest of

your life.

Your honeymoon need not be a once in a lifetime experience either. You will relive the honeymoon over and over again, every time you come back to these magical islands.

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